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“Who Let the Dogs Out?”

Cardoza Fine Art 1320 Nance 77002

April 3rd – April 23rd

Opening April 3rd  7pm – 10pm

Gallery hours Friday-Sunday 1pm-6pm


Cardoza Fine Art is pleased to announce “Who Let the Dogs Out?” , a solo exhibition of new paintings by Lane Hagood.

“On a brisk night in 2013, I found myself wandering the streets of Santiago, Chile with my cousin and some of his friends. As we walked along the romantic streets, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of stray dogs crowding the boulevards. One dog in particular seemed to take a liking to me. He followed a few feet behind us with its mouth open, tongue slobbering into the sidewalk. He looked so happy to be with us as if he was one of the gang. In fact, every stray dog we encountered seemed to be in a state of profound bliss. There seemed to be exactly one dog for every human walking late into the night. We arrived at the bar we were trying to find. My cousin and his friends walked in, and I decided to stay out on the sidewalk with my new friend. I lingered there waiting for him to wander away. He sat next to me and looked up into my eyes. My heart melted right there. All I wanted to do was take this dog into my arms and fly away with it to my home in Houston. After a few minutes I became restless, waiting for this magical moment to transpire, for this beautiful creature to go on its merry way. But he just sat there next to me panting with a look of tired wisdom in his eyes. He looked so proud and regal in the starry night. This pup was truly a prince among paupers. I reached down and give him a nice pet on the head. I walked into the bar to join my cousin and his friends. And I never saw that dog again.


This show is dedicated to that dog.”